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Lake Claire's Most Adorable House Is Also One of Its Cheapest

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If this li'l two-bedroom 1924 bungalow had cheeks, you'd pinch them — that's how doggone cute it is. The asking price is pretty adorable too: just $229,900 in Lake Claire. Why such a teeny price tag? For starters, the house itself is pretty teeny, just 900 square feet. Then there's the location: While it's beyond convenient, it is right on DeKalb Avenue (near Hampton Terrace, just a block or so from the Lake Claire Pool on DeKalb), so there's some traffic noise to contend with. Still, the open floor plan, cozy fireplace and precious little front porch are charming and oh-so-buyable. The owner says, "This was our first house, so we did it up in style." Thus the tray ceilings, skylight and hardwood floors. The listing points out that "homes at this price point simply do not exist in Lake Claire." It's like spotting a unicorn in the wild! It was last sold, pre-renovation, in 2005 for $159,900.
· 1876 DeKalb Avenue [CraigsList]