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Stop Everything and Watch These 11 Atlanta Time-Lapse Vids

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By now, you may have seen the gorgeous Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade time-lapse video by Chris Tilley of Gnoggin Studios. The entire parade has been condensed into just over two minutes of colorful, glowing Beltline adoration. But Tilley isn't the first to make an incredible Atlanta time-lapse. The 10 other videos on our list will show you our city like you've never seen it. Yes, you're undoubtedly super busy with that thing you're working on, but these 11 incredible time-lapse videos are worth taking a break for. Tell your boss we said so.

Ox Blue's time lapse of three Atlanta towers going up is so spectacular, you won't be able to watch it just once:

Tim Redman's four-minute tour of Atlanta might make you tear up, or maybe that's just the Beck song...

Our ole pal Chris Tilley, of Lantern Parade fame, appears on our list once again with this time lapse of a Ponce City Market parking deck being taken down. In fast motion, the machines look just like hungry giraffes, munching on concrete until the structure falls. He also documented the same event from a nearby roof.

Even if you hate football, you'll be fascinated by this three and a half minute video of the Georgia Dome transforming between a Falcons game and the SEC Championship. Watch as the stadium fills with fans, marching bands move into formation, cheerleaders and mascots dance around, workers paint the field and confetti flies:

Watch the Atlanta Symphony's renovation in less than a minute and a half:

Zachary Long's beautifully shot video takes us through downtown then spends a day at Hartsfield-Jackson:

First watch this time lapse of traffic conditions during January's winter storm. It's horrifying to watch, even nine months later:

Then watch the actual snow begin to fall in James Bursa's video:

More bad weather. This is what happens when Screen on the Green gets rained out:

Richard Bentley's three-minute tour of Atlanta is stunning all the way through, but the Georgia Aquarium footage is particularly wondrous:

Ponce City Market

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