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Antebellum Charm Costs $768K at Va-Hi's 'Grande Dame'

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For homebuyers hankering for a mix of antebellum elegance and intown convenience, this circa 1912 beauty they call "The Grande Dame" could be your cup of sweat tea. The listing agent declares this "legendary" property "a piece of history in the heart of Virginia-Highland," where historical significance doesn't come cheap. Here, $768,800 bags four bedrooms, nearly 3,000 square feet and probably a few home-improvement projects. The home's imposing but pretty face offers a double-decker front porch that beckons sweat-tea afternoons. Its Corinthian columns recall the one made of old railroad tracks on the Beltline. Around back, there's a fully equipped carriage house and a fine deck with a hot tub. Inside, amongst the plantation shutters and big handsome rooms, there's a very white kitchen kind of shoved into a corner. The only major drawback, from this biased perspective, would be the home's explosively repugnant bathrooms. But who knows — some buyers may covet mishmashes of gold shower frames, gold faucets and nursing-home wallpaper? More than likely, though, all of that will be history, too.
· 826 Saint Charles Ave. [Estately]