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Nancy Grace Lands Buyer for $1.5M Brookhaven Porchfest

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Television show host Nancy Grace, that pit bull of justice-system commentary, is moving on from her Brookhaven home after nearly two decades and extensive renovations. The docile, $1.5 million colonial-style residence might come as a surprise, because it's easy to picture Grace living on a rural Georgia ranch with multiple gun ranges, surrounded by anti-hippie propaganda.

Grace's listing agent tells Zillow the former Fulton County prosecutor is building a new home elsewhere. She bought the Brookhaven property for $407,500 in 1996 and completed two major overhauls, adding a second level and leaving almost nothing of the original residence. The resulting five-bedroom home leans a little rustic, with a deer-antler chandelier, exposed wood beams and more river rock than western Colorado. Keeping true to her Southern roots, Grace installed a rocking-chair front porch that could host the Lollapalooza of knitting exhibitions.

For the kiddos, there's a backyard zip-line and a huge, whimsical treehouse that looks custom-built and tough to transport, so it could come with the house. (Grace had twins several years ago, at age 47). But alas, the home is already under contract to an "out-of-town buyer" who fancied Brookhaven's historical charms, the agent told Zillow. So your dreams of luxuriating in the same claw-foot tub where Grace once shaved her legs will have to wait.

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