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Midtown Development Boom Continues With New Proposals

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Keeping up with all the mixed-use and residential developments proposed for Midtown is harder than counting raindrops these days, and September's Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting added four more to the deluge: two new mixed-use developments, an office-to-lounge conversion and a residential building. The DRC also got an update on Related Group's project at 22 Fourteenth Street. The developments discussed at this month's meeting range from eight to 29 stories and, together, would add more than 28,000 square feet of retail and 1,324 apartments to the thriving neighborhood.

The first project, by Dallas-based Mill Creek Residential, is a 29-story, 350-apartment tower called Modera located at 90 Peachtree Place. The proposal featured 12,300 square feet of retail with frontage on 8th and Williams streets, but DRC suggested that moving the retail closer to Spring Street might be better for foot traffic. The parking deck is concealed with live/work units and retail store fronts, and Mill Creek got kudos for that move. They'll be back with some revisions.

The second mixed-use option put on the table is a 22-story tower by Trammel Crow. The 356-unit development would sit at 880 West Peachtree, where the law offices of Drew, Eckl & Farnham are currently located. The 10,000 square feet of retail space would include street-level outdoor dining. Because the west-facing side of the building would have high visibility from the Connector, DRC wanted more deets on that facade. Developers were also asked to submit a landscaping plan that would be used to help screen the loading areas along 8th Street.

Alliance Residential proposed Broadstone Terraces, an eight-story, 218-unit residential building at 811 Juniper, between 5th and 6th streets. It is still in the very early stages of conceptual design and will get some feedback from residents at the Midtown Neighbors Association and NPU-E meetings before returning to DRC with an updated presentation.

At 75 Peachtree Place, a mundane office building may be transformed into a bunker-esque lounge called Kapture after enhancing the facade and making the entrance ADA compliant. DRC asked for more info about outside lighting and queuing areas for patrons. (But ugh, that name! "Atlanta's hottest club is KAPTURE! It has everything...")

Finally, the committee heard an update from the snazzy tower at 22 Fourteenth Street. The Related Group brought back a plan to hide the parking deck with large vertical columns that are "segmented and slanted at various angles." DRC was pleased but needs to know a little more about the materials that'll be used and how they'll look from street level.

Busy, busy. Which of these projects would you most like to see become a reality? Let's get some dirt moving.

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