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Townhomes to Mutate From Historic Midtown House!

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[Renderings by NY Architectural Renderings]

An interesting project is brewing on Piedmont Avenue in leafy residential Midtown. Prime Construction plans to build a row of three-story, contemporary townhomes that'll stem like an appendage from a "historical landmark home from the 1890s," the company's website says. The vacant house sits back from the corner of Piedmont and 5th Street, three blocks north of Ponce de Leon Avenue. The website specifies that the project will consist of six townhomes; renderings clearly show four contemporary units, so we're guessing the remaining two would be built within the old house. A tipster sends word that newly posted signs at the site insist the townhomes will "engage" the existing structure.

For the plans of engagement, Prime worked with Smith Dalia Architects, who also designed the Inman Quarter project rising a couple of neighborhoods away. The website gives no timeline for opening the townhomes or information on price points.

A few blocks north on Piedmont, Fierman Development is putting up another cluster of townhomes near 10th Street, one of Atlanta's most walkable little pockets. Last we heard, those townhomes were called "975 Piedmont" and would start in the $700,000 range.

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