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Would 'Immaculate' $185K Townhome Lure You Way West?

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Maybe those who whine that Atlanta is losing its affordability are just too picky? Or maybe being picky is a right that should be granted to Atlantans? Isn't this the city where living well in an inspiring neighborhood doesn't (or didn't) require a six-figure salary? Consider this perfectly livable townhome in a place called Liberty Park, around the corner from Nuevo Laredo Cantina on the Westside, a couple of miles from Midtown. It has three bedrooms, three and 1/2 bathrooms and a $185,000 price tag, which would buy a smallish condo from 1960 on the flipside of town. Stylistically, it might not be SkyHill, but it has what the style Gods at HGTV say are the basics for sustaining human habitation: hardwoods, granite, stainless steel —and an obligatory white deer head. Built in 2009, it's not huge at 1,600 square feet, but the listing agent swears it's "immaculate." The community is gated with a guard shack, lending owners the peace of mind (or exclusivity!) of a suburban fortress. The developer's website says the streets are "Boulevard" style and the current new inventory is sold out.
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