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For $1.3M, Mega Craftsman has Secret Loft, Burliness

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This gigantic Craftsman bungalow in Midtown deftly walks that tightrope between excessiveness and human-scale artfulness. Nearly a century old, it sprawls for 3,400 square feet and boasts one interesting feature after the next, from the car-charging station in the driveway to something called "Rhinoshield paint" that sure sounds like a positive. Another unique facet is a secret little loft above the stairs that, while totally cool, could be a fitful sleeper's death sentence. Walk Score certifies the area "Very Walkable" with a 75 rating, where the home's pool and party deck probably qualify as rare amenities. (It sits a block from Piedmont Park). Other perks include the total bedrooms (5), the wine cellar, the pro-grade kitchen (or kitchens?) and a full renovation that tactfully melds vintage and contemporary styles. The chief drawback, of course, is the $1.35 million price tag, which puts this Craftsman beefcake beyond the reach of most buyers.
· 349 9th St. [Estately]