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And Now, Atlanta's 10 Most Useless Listing Photos

It is safe, generally, to assume that homes have walls, floors, ceilings and windows. These things, listing agent friends, are not news. Nor are they worthy of photos that do nothing more than prove that those features do, in fact, exist. These 10 photos tell us more about the state of the photographer (drunk?) than they do about the homes they are allegedly showcasing.

185 South Avenue
This blurry horror show indicates that a treadmill is present. Will it be there after you purchase the house? Unlikely.
Verdict: Useless

1468 Briarwood Road
At first glance, this seemed like it might have been some sort of modern art installment, but no, only an accent wall.
Verdict: Useless

3582 Chestnut Drive
On the bright side, you can at least tell which room this pic was taken in. On the not so bright side, everything else.
Verdict: Useless and slightly creepy

2437 Clarissa Drive
Blinds? We've got 'em! Wood? That too!
Verdict: Useless

1056 Welch Street
Everybody takes a blurry photo from time to time. The trick is knowing not to include them in the listing.
Verdict: Useless

3451 Elgin Drive
You may be tempted to take it into PhotoShop to see what they're trying to hide in that darkness. Don't.
Verdict: Useless and stabby

1600 Ezra Church Drive
The only thing that says "unmotivated seller" more than being too apathetic to sweep the leaves off the ground is being too apathetic to sweep the leaves then taking a photo of it.
Verdict: Useless

5325 Chantilly Terrace
Three for the price of one: Two that are truly useless and one that at least serves to convey the owner's preference for Bisquick.