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Smurf-tastic $539K House Takes Blueness to a New Level

Built in 1966 and last updated around the same time, this four-bedroom house was designed by the architect who has lived in it ever since. And man, does he love blue. Counters, chairs, backslashes, carpets, window treatments, you name it, it's blue. And not a subtle, calming blue either, a shazam, in-your-face royal blue. The pool is in an enclosed courtyard with a mural of what appears to be a cliff-side Greek village painted by the kid down the street and is accessible via sliding doors in the living area. In this case, "accessible" means that an unsuspecting houseguest looking to get a little fresh air could take one step outside the door and end up at the bottom of the pool. Watch out for that. The listing exclaims, "Jump out of bed and into the pool!!" Indeed. The 3,396-square-foot house is asking $539,000.
· 2608 Mercedes Drive [Zillow]