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These 23 Acres in Buckhead are Still at a Standstill. Why?

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The sign fell down. That pretty much sums up activity at a valuable piece of Buckhead land that inquiring minds want to know about. Back in 2012, we pontificated on the fate of these 23 acres in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood. Developer Isakson Living originally purchased the land in 2005, intending to build a sprawling senior living community. Nearly a decade later, little has changed — the land is still owned by the same company (which consists of family members of U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson), there's still chainlink fence surrounding the entire property, and there's still nothing built. The site that flanks either side of Peachtree Hills Avenue, just off Lindbergh Drive near the small strip that includes Treehouse Restaurant and Pub, is all grass and trees. The only discernible difference is the toppling of a street-corner sign that had promised the project's eventual rise.

Emails to pretty much everyone that works at Isakson Living were not returned this week. As mentioned above, the seemingly abandoned property is still owned by the company, which maintains a "leasing office" (complete with a parking garage!) just across the street. Records don't indicate any recent permitting for the site. The fate of "Peachtree Hills Place" continues to be a mystery, and, as one Curbed reader points out, a constant source of frustration; even if they're not rooting for a retirement home, area residents would like something to happen on a site that accounts for a sizable chunk of the neighborhood. "Buckhead construction has experienced a boom lately," the reader says, "yet this land remains completely at a standstill."

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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