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Music Midtown: Reflections, Photos & One Cussing Preacher

[^ Lorde incites pandemonium Friday night. Photos: Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta]

It's the week after Music Midtown, and by most accounts, Midtown Atlanta has managed to survive. The diverse musical showcase felt bigger in 2014 than any other year since it was reborn at Piedmont Park, managing to satisfy Greg Allman fans and the teenage girls with homemade hats that read, tragically, "Impregnate me, John Mayer." The unofficial head count on Friday evening was 80,000 fans, and Saturday probably eclipsed that; officials announced a sellout on Saturday and halted gate sales. The dual-headliner format created tough choices but seemed to succeed in alleviating some overcrowding issues that have plagued Music Midtown in years past with obscenely long lines. Highlights included Bastille's entire blazing set, Run DMC's tribute to their slain DJ, Jack White's face-melting guitar wizardry and the throbbing neon spectacle that was Lorde's performance. We weren't able to catch much of Saturday, and it's impossible to be everywhere at once anyway, so please drop a comment and enlighten us all to what we missed.

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