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Cute Cabbagetown Rehab 'On Beltline' has Selling Issues

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Here we find a circa-1920 Craftsman that recently underwent a to-the-studs overhaul. The result is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that defines Cabbagetown cute but has lingered on the market for nearly two months, despite a $14,900 price slash in August. The new ask is $375,000, which appears to be higher than buyers are willing to go, despite all the new granite, stainless steel, the rocking-chair front porch and a location the listing agent calls "On the Beltline" (read: four blocks away from a trail that might not exist for a while.) So what gives? Well, various listings suggest the square footage is somewhere between 864 and 1,050 square feet. That's either cozy or claustrophobic, depending on your level of vested interest. Parking is notoriously tricky in C-town, but this place swears it has a two-car pad. There's a low-maintenance backyard but almost no back deck to speak of. Another new selling point is Krog Street Market, which probably contributes to the 71 Walk Score. Not bad for a neighborhood heavy on single-family homes. But enough to overcome the price?
· 121 Pearl St. SE []