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Whopping $5,500/Month Rents this Modernized Throwback

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For the price of a well-appointed Alpharetta apartment, a renter looking for room to stretch out and the aesthetics of suburban Stockholm should mosey up to Vinings Village and lay claim to this unique, secluded domicile. But don't forget a checkbook — one that's linked to a deep, deep bank account. Built in 1974, this contemporary split-level (that's not an oxymoron) was featured on the 2013 Tour of Modern Homes for its European-style modernism, which looks totally current throughout. Renting this place will cost $5,500 per month, and that's after an $11,000 deposit. With five bedrooms, however, you could conceivably have a mini-frat or sorority here, with cathedral ceilings, natural maple hardwoods and a kitchen that puts your college set-up to shame. It's a minimalist showcase, with an abundance of unique features (see: that rolling toilet door). What's more, the sleek deck and patio would bode well for keggers.
· 4477 Rebel Valley View SE []