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Goats Love Kudzu. Atlanta Loves Goats. Coincidence? Nope.

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Goat unemployment in Atlanta is at an all time low. The four-legged go-getters are hard at work for the city, day and night, cleaning up invasive plants near PATH 400 in Buckhead, at Peachtree Hills Park and near Chastain. And why not? They're greener than herbicides and way less likely to wolf whistle at passersby than other landscapers — in fact, they tend to avoid anything wolf-related. Trees Atlanta's "Have Ewe Herd?" program (see what they did there?) gets both goats and sheep from a company called Ewe-niversally Green (see what they did too? wow!) and then puts the fuzzy fellas to work clearing out kudzu, poison ivy, English ivy and weeds from greenspaces around Atlanta.

Could this be the ultimate solution to the South's kudzu problem? The invasive, fast-growing plant can grow as much as a foot each day, smothering trees and taking over everything in its path. The goats can chew through a remarkable number of unwanted plants in a hurry. It only took the crew of 27 goats who worked on a half-mile stretch near PATH 400 about a month to clean the area up. Granted, they had supervision from a Great Pyrenees dog named Sweet Pea, which no doubt helped move things along, but still, think of the possibilities.