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$1.4M House in Ansley Park Includes a Marble Safari

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What does a zebra-striped, marble fireplace say about a home? That it's bold and modern despite being built in the 1920s? That it takes chances? That it'd make a fine settling for Beetlejuice 2? In describing this sprawling Ansley Park house, recently listed for $1,395,000, the agent uses what could be the most appropriate word in the English language: "dramatic." The two-sink kitchen — flush with marble and brands like Wolfe and Sub Zero — is big enough to board horses, and the stylish sitting areas seem infinite. That happens when your house consists of nearly 4,700 square feet, with a three-car carriage house to boot. Perks include the sound system (wired throughout), the manageable koi pond and Ansley Park's enviable location, with Midtown's nightlife to one side and glorious Piedmont Park to the other. But still ... Day-O ... Daaay-O.
· 6 Walker Terrace [Estately]