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Decatur Wants a Neighborhood Association and More Parks

Downtown Decatur is alive with the sound of construction equipment as residential units add up. Trinity Triangle (where the old DQ was) will add 210 apartments, the Place on Ponce 235 residences and Trammell Crow's project on Clairmont (on the old Fidelity Bank parking lot) will throw in 167 more. Meanwhile, Cousins Properties will be turning the Callaway Building on Trinity into a mixed-use development. So it only makes sense that residents have started chattering about creating a Downtown Decatur Neighborhood Association. (In fact, the only surprise is that one doesn't already exist.) An organizational meeting is being held on November 12 at the Decatur Rec Center.

Decatur Downtown Neighbors has a Facebook page because everyone knows that a group isn't even considered a real thing until it's on Facebook. So far, the group's primary concern seems to be reducing surface lots and adding green space. Most of the photos on the page are images of half-empty parking lots and/or vacant land with captions like, "would make a nice park." The description of the photos says, "Despite all the development underway, there are many sites whose future has not been decided. The new residents will need new amenities (like a park), and the City should look at these sites to ensure a good quality of life for the growing number of downtown residents."

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