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For $950K, this Party Pad Goes All Tuscan on 1972

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Not long ago, this four-bedroom Morningside house was mired in 1972, but after a facelift that includes wooden shutters, bendy balcony railings and several truckloads of stone — it's an Italian excursion! Billed as a "taste of Tuscany" in the heart of tony Morningside, the $949,000 house has indeed been purged of its Brady Bunch-era funk. The resulting 3,500 square feet are modern but warm, with a few nontraditional flourishes. The listing agent suspects the "breathtaking" home will sell quickly, but would nearly $1 million go further, even in such a pricey nabe? It could be tough to find a respectable home with such a let's-party-y'all vibe to it. Note the gigantic flagstone patio, the overhead deck and ponds that cascade down to what's described as "a fireside party house with spectacular views of the ATL skyline!" Now that's amore, right?
· 1352 Middlesex Avenue [Estately]