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And Now, 48 Commutes That Are Driving Atlanta Crazy

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How many times have you heard someone say, "Ugh, my commute is just the WORST." Well, unless they're coming from Loganville, there are suburban commuters around Atlanta who have it worse, according to rankings from NerdWallet. The insurance company ranked the horrific-ness of metro area commutes based on gas prices, duration, distance, insurance premiums and percentage of commuters who travel alone. It turns out that drivers coming into Atlanta from Loganville can honestly say that their drives are the worst, with an average commute of 36.2 minutes (compared to the metro average of 28.7 minutes). Gwinnett County commuters took four of the five top spots so, um... congratulations?

Rounding out the top five were commuters from Snellville (32.3 minutes each way with the highest percentage of solo drivers on the list at 81.7 percent); Lawrenceville (32.8 minutes but sometimes more than an hour); Riverdale (29.1 minutes despite being the closest suburb on the list plus the most expensive gas on the list); and Suwanee (31.8 minutes). Here are the rest of the worst, according to NerdWallet...

· Atlanta's Worst Commutes: More Gas, Higher Insurance and Wasted Time [NerdWallet]