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$850K Ansley Park Contemporary has Funkiness to Spare

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Around the corner from Piedmont Park, this mid-century artifact recalls one of those sepia postcards for a sixties hotel lobby, which should delight the purists and puzzle everyone else. For a house that dates to 1960, it seems well preserved and proportioned for maximum boogying, to the point the agent thinks it "could easily be featured in Architectural Digest Magazine." (A back issue, right?) The $850,000 ask includes 2,500 square feet and a great deal of funky. Decorated with an oversized praying mantis and one golden dolphin, it's got more angles than a mind-bending M.C. Escher drawing, and quite possibly the oddest master bathroom this side of Buckhead's Bathroom of Mirrors. The updated kitchen is loft-like in its vastness, but the patio, while large, has all the charm of a prison yard. As the agent says, this place scores high on the "wow factor," but whether that's a positive is in the eye of the beholder.
· 267 Beverly Road NE [Zillow]