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2,800 MARTA Stations

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Thanks to the city's sprawling footprint, it would take 2,800 MARTA stations to give metro Atlantans the same access to public transit that Barcelona residents have, according to a researcher from NYU's Stern Urbanization Project. The image above shows the metro areas of the two cities at the same scale. Although the population of Atlanta and Barcelona were similar at the time (1990), Atlanta's urbanized area was 26.5 times as large. Only 4 percent of metro Atlantans lived within 600 meters (0.37 miles) of public transit, compared to 60 percent of Barcelona residents. The research estimates that Atlanta would need about 3,300 more kilometers (2,050 miles) of track to give 60 percent of our population easy access to transit. Sure, things have changed since 1990, but it's still an interesting visual glimpse of what we're up against. [Streetsblog USA]