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Cavernous, Bizarre Frankenhouse Near Tech Wants $550K

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This 5,000-square-foot amalgamation of a circa-1915 wooden house and a green rectangle with a wrap-around rooftop deck is confusing to say the least. It is listed as a "single family home" with two bedrooms and three bathrooms and zoned as residential (R-5). Yet its built-in desks, fluorescent lighting and odd layout scream commercial property. Indeed, the space has been used by several businesses over the years including a lithographer and a construction/design firm.

Interior siding, floors that abruptly change from straight-laid hardwood to parquet in the middle of a room, walls made partially of stone and exposed everything (ductwork, brick walls, plumbing, even wiring) are just some of the quirky and questionable choices. It's easy to imagine conference tables and computer desks in the cavernous open floor plan but a bit harder to envision it as a comfortable living space, even for someone into the industrial warehouse loft vibe. Its $550,000 asking price is twice what neighboring homes are asking. Then again, this is no ordinary house.

· 432 Calhoun Street [Zillow]