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374-Unit 'Gables Oglethorpe' Announced for Brookhaven

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Atlanta's trend of building large-scale apartment projects for college students is branching to Brookhaven. On the heels of sizable developments near Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Emory, Oglethorpe University and Gables Residential are partnering for a fittingly gothic apartment community called "Gables Oglethorpe," set to break ground any day. The private, liberal-arts college expects its student population to explode from 1,100 students to 1,500 in the next five years, and this four-story offering of 374 apartments should help ease growing pains. The project will also feature classroom space and a community park, connected by pedestrian pathways to Oglethorpe's main campus. But officials imply the rental units will be open to non-students, too. Quoth the press release: "Gables Oglethorpe will offer a new, convenient luxury apartment option to those desiring to live near Buckhead, Midtown and the Perimeter center area."

Officials expect the project to open next August. The vast majority (88 percent) of units will be two-bedrooms, with a smattering of studios, one-bedrooms and even three-bedrooms for those rollicking Oglethorpe keggers. Broadly speaking, it's another dense, walkable project in Brookhaven's cap. Gables' latest mixed-use community, Gables Emory Point, is just up the road. "We are very excited to deliver a first class, vibrant community to the neighborhood that will complement Oglethorpe University," Joe Wilber, a Gables Residential official, said in a release. "The opportunity to design, develop and manage a high-end community in Brookhaven is exciting for us."

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