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Agent: $700K Ranch is Like 'Beverly Hills in Atlanta'

The listing agent for this 1954 Buckhead ranch pulls the old "nothing compares" card and makes a more creative promise: This house, they say, will transport a buyer to Beverly Hills! While these statements might be difficult to verify or grotesquely incorrect, it's tough to discount a slick renovation that blends Mad Men sensibilities with HGTV convenience, even if it costs $700,000. At a hair over 2,000 square feet, the house offers four updated bedrooms, four bathrooms and a swanky saltwater pool and spa that basically function as an extension of the dining room. Espresso hardwood floors run throughout, lending a nice dark base to that ubiquitous gray. Like so many midcentury homes, there's a basement apartment, with a dated kitchen and full bathroom. Midcentury purists might quibble with the home's somewhat bland exterior, which lacks the intense lines of a true atomic ranch. But there's no denying the interiors and back yard exude fishbowl-party panache.
· 1595 Peachtree Battle Ave. [Estately]