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Four ATL Abodes Under 450 Sq Ft Compete for Your Love

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IKEA model rooms always make "Living in 400 Square Feet!" look so doggoned adorable. The reality is typically a little harsher, but it can be done. The four wee li'l domiciles in today's Real Estate Deathmatch are here to prove it. Each weighs in at under 450 square feet and each has charms and perks that will make you consider selling all of your clutter to live small. Plus, you could be a homeowner for as little as $57,500! So which diminutive dwelling will win your heart? Take a look and vote!

Virginia Highland
800 Ponce De Leon Place
Square Footage: 400
Price: $149,500
Pros: This cozy apartment in a circa-1910 building on Ponce Place couldn't be in a better spot with its quick access to the Beltline, Ponce City Market and restaurants galore. The 10-foot ceilings help it feel less claustrophobic, and it even has two fireplaces! The private east-facing deck adds some square footage, while the west-facing community deck has sweet skyline views. Parking in an off-street lot is available.
Cons: It's the most expensive of the options by about $45,000. That makes it a whopping $133/square foot more than its nearest rival.

20 Marietta Street
Square Footage: 442
Price: $57,500
Pros: Located right next to the Five Points MARTA Station, this little bundle of joy boasts a Walk Score of 97. And just check out the view of the Philips Arena ATLANTA sign outside that window — city pride, here we come. It's in The Metropolitan (the old Atlanta Federal Savings and Loan building that was converted into condos in 1996) so it also has a shared gym and laundry facilities on site. It may not be in the squeaky clean, touristy part of downtown, but it is where exciting things like Gallery 72, Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery and the streetcar are happening. Plus, that price is tough to beat.
Cons: It doesn't come with parking, but with a nearly perfect Walk Score, you don't really need a car. The freight trains that run nearby can be a bit noisy, so if you're a light sleeper, that may be a consideration.

Ansley Park
272 14th Street
Square Footage: 436
Price: $104,900
Pros: You can't get much closer to Piedmont Park than this, and the Beltline is also super convenient. This top-floor unit has a teeny-weeny balcony and a locked storage unit in the basement. Unlike some of these micro-homes, this one has a kitchen that actually looks usable and a washer/dryer too.
Cons: The view is completely obstructed by another building, and the "bedroom" seems to be a little nook by the front door into which a bed has been crammed. Sweet dreams.

Little Five Points
373 Moreland Avenue
Square Footage: 418
Price: $99,850
Pros: Like several contenders in this match, this L5P condo's location is a huge selling point; it's right in the heart of Little Five: Zesto, Criminal Records, Vortex, Variety Playhouse and tattooed hipsters aplenty are right outside the door. Inside, you'll find an exposed brick wall, hardwood floors and even a roomy closet.
Cons: Having a closet is great, but the layout wastes some space, and your bedroom is going to be in your living room.

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