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In Vinings, This House of Dead Things Asks $1.47M

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Helpful equation: Take the number of bedrooms in a home and multiply by two to determine the maximum number of dead animal carcasses you can display without looking like a serial killer and/or creepy taxidermy fiend who talks to himself. This six-bedroom in Vinings is over the limit and has therefore been issued a misdemeanor citation for Listing With Excessive Corpses/Morbidity. From the little bobcat fella by the fireplace to the gazelle head watching your every move to the skin of a rodent-like individual (mink? ferret? not sure) casually draped across a coffee table near the magazines, the owners of this 6,724-square-foot house sure do love them some dead critters. If you can overlook the fact that the spirits of more than a dozen irate animals almost certainly haunt the grounds, the Bill Baker-designed house has a few things going for it: a heated pool, bar, movie theater and four fireplaces.

· 3042 Loridan Way [Zillow]