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Mixed-Use Behemoth Could Claim 75 Cheshire Bridge Homes

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Developers want to bring a mixed-use development to the southeast fringes of Buckhead — but they must level a whole neighborhood to do it. Literally. Last May, Duke Land Group purchased a roughly five-acre property near Cheshire Bridge Road at Interstate 85. Vague plans on Duke's website bill the parcel as the future home of a 284-unit multifamily development. The lone available rendering shows a concept for so-called "Cheshire Vista" — but what's really interesting is what's happening in that site's backyard.

According to a dispatch from the Lindbergh-LaVista Corridor Coalition, Duke has made an offer to buy all 75 (!) parcels in the Lindridge subdivision, which is just west of the Cheshire Vista site. The letter suggests the developer wants to combine that land (behind McDonald's and other businesses, off Lindbergh Road) with the property they already own for a much bigger project.

"Together with the 75 properties in Lindridge," the letter states, "they hope to develop a mixture of retail, apartments, townhouses and single-family homes with access from Cheshire Bridge Road." The local neighborhood association held a meeting late last month to discuss the issue. Multiple emails to Duke Land Group were not returned.

Can anyone who lives back there (i.e., one of the Chosen 75) or in the general area share some insight? Can 75 property owners possibly come to a unanimous decision, if that's what this will take?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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