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For $549K, This Old House Includes an Attached House

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This Collier Hills home must have graduated from the School of Useful Appendages, because it's got a full-blown house growing on it. It's like a two-story craftsman got curious about a 1950 bungalow and scooted all up in its biz-nass. For buyers who can get beyond a somewhat jarring juxtaposition, there are positive things afoot here, starting with the location. You'll find this three-bedroom hodgepodge around the corner from the Atlanta Food Truck Park, smack dab in the coveted Morris Brandon school district, up the street from Memorial Park. None of that comes cheap, and $549,000 certainly isn't, but it's an entrée into Buckhead with, at very least, a solid kitchen and functional, cozy backyard. And besides, the Franken-addition looks much more seamless from back there.

· 1896 Sunbury Place [Estately]