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Specifics Emerge for Gigantic Doraville Redevelopment

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[All images via Perkins Eastman.]

It's been more than five years since the final car rolled off the assembly line at the Doraville GM Plant. Last week, demolition of the old buildings began, and plans emerged for the redevelopment of the 165-acre site. With access to Interstate 285, a rail corridor, the Doraville MARTA station and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, the site is positioned to become a well-connected hub with the construction of residential, retail and offices. Divided into precincts such as "The Yards," "The Village," "The Commons," "The Campus" and "Main Street," it seems the intention is to retain some of the industrial heritage of the site while providing for new live, work and play opportunities. The mayor of Doraville has embraced Atlanta's penchant for reusing bits of history for new purposes, asking the developer to "preserve and document artifacts, photos, etc. for a museum and a sculpture fashioned from the scrap metal." The project will be a test to see if the ITP suburb can match the successful transformation of the Atlantic Steel Mill into Atlantic Station, and benefit with a direct connection to MARTA.

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