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For Victorian Fans, This Grand Dame in Grant Park Kills It

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Pardon the fawning, but the transformation of Grant Park's Woodward Mansion — a rundown mess just a year ago, tucked in the two blocks between Memorial Drive and Interstate 20 — is nothing short of spectacular. With gorgeous high-end finishes, restored fireplaces and doors, huge bedrooms and bathrooms and 12-foot ceilings throughout, the home, constructed in 1886, is phenomenally restored and updated. Despite a few questionable decisions (wood floors in a bathroom?), the house shows well, a fusion of historic charm and modern amenity. While the neighborhood has its draws (a quick commute into the city, proximity to Oakland Cemetery and restaurants on Memorial Drive just a block away), Grant Park hasn't yet hit the high-dollar mainstream like other intown 'hoods. Only one other home in the immediate vicinity sniffs the $689,000 price point, with most properties priced between $200,000 and $300,000, which isn't a bad thing. So, while this one's a beautifully restored neighborhood gem, only time will tell if Grant Park is ready for the price.

· 483 Woodward Avenue SE [Zillow]