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A Decade Later, Tower Project is Back on Track in Midtown

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Midtown's tower explosion roars on! Post Properties will soon break ground on Midtown Millennium, slated to rise at the corner of 11th Street and Peachtree Walk, according to What Now Atlanta. Currently a vacant lot behind the Federal Reserve Building, the site is destined to contain 356 units — though the developer's website says 310 — a rooftop pool, seven floors of fully enclosed parking and a sky-lounge packed into 23 stories of luxury living. Originally envisioned as a 19-story collaboration between Post and Chartwell Development Partners back in 2003 (which explains the woefully dated name), the project stalled in the mid-2000s. Back with a vengeance, and with Post and Chartwell no longer bedfellows, the latest incarnation of the project will be developed in coordination with the Preston Partnership, who have a hand in mixed-use builds from Kennesaw to Decatur. Located above the train tunnel just north of Midtown Station, the tower is just one of many projects slated to bring density to neighborhoods around MARTA stations and possibly attract more users to the network.

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