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The Falcons Stadium is Literally Starting to Rise Up

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[Pillars of progress? Photos: Tyler Estep, Curbed Atlanta]
[Pillars of progress? Photos: Tyler Estep, Curbed Atlanta]

With all the hullaballoo this week about a Hollywood-style, fly-through video of the Falcons' future roost, it's a good time to see where the project stands right now. It's been about seven months since ground broke on the "New Atlanta Stadium," the future home of the Falcons and a Major League Soccer franchise. It's been about five months since Friendship Baptist Church, the second of two churches to be demolished to make room for the project, was destroyed. The Falcons' season has been over for about three weeks. The Super Bowl is in three more. None of that provides an especially timely reason to take a photo tour of the stadium's construction — but who says there needs to be one? This is a massive undertaking and a controversial one to boot, so there's never a bad time to see progress along Northside Drive. Cawwww!

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— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep