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Vintage Brookwood Condo is Stylistic Puree for $179K

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Listed for sale last month, this top-floor walk-up unit in a 1928 condo building mixes classical detailing with modern design. While the plantation shutters, glass door knobs and bountiful molding scream classic, the geometric carpet and sleek bathroom lend a splash of 2015. Tall ceilings, a well-appointed kitchen and gorgeous wood floors show well, but someone should have taken the time to replace the six missing wall tiles in the kitchen before snapping photos. The building sits across the street from Piedmont Hospital and near the Peachtree Battle Spur of the Beltline. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is a cozy 729 square feet, and the second bedroom looks pretty narrow. Nevertheless, with an ample living space, spacious and light-filled bedroom and a listing price of $179,000 — just below what the home sold for in 2005 — it'll be interesting to see how long it stays on the market.

· 20 Collier Road, Apt 18 [Zillow]