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Downtown Parking Garage is Officially Dead Today

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Across the street from the Gold Dome, a planned dedication this afternoon will officially welcome a new outdoor civic space and declare a low-rise parking deck dead and gone. Liberty Plaza, a reimagined gathering space that expands Capitol Hill's grounds across Capitol Avenue, marks the first major upgrade to the government property since Jimmy Carter reported to work there. The plaza replaces a 60-year-old parking structure that was somehow snubbed by Atlanta's Parking Garage Hall of Shame.

Officials said Liberty Plaza can now handle public assemblies of more than 3,400 people, and the entrances were designed to accommodate large crowds. Interesting trivia: The plaza "integrates relocated public art, Georgia-harvested granite and a native Georgia plant palette" and actually "reuses concrete from the site's former parking garage as backfill material." And here's an interesting warning for subversives: The design "incorporates a robust security, support and monitoring infrastructure."

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