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Top ATL Posts: From Cringe-Worthy Maps to Swanky Shops

It's safe to say that, in the annals of Atlanta development history, 2014 will go down as a monumental year. Now that it's completely behind us, we've tallied the most-read posts from the amazing year that was, giving some indication as to what really piques the interests of Atlantans. And we can't help wondering what the top headlines of this coming year will be: Perhaps,"Fuqua Declares Self Early Mayor Candidate," or "Lines For Ponce City Market Food Court Reach Peachtree," or even "Falcons' Relocation to LA Was Rooted In Stadium Design Debacle." Silliness aside, take a guess at 2015's top stories in the comments section, and enjoy reflecting on 2014's after the jump.

Headline: "This Atlanta Map Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone"

Back in March, we shed light on one Reddit user's broad-stroke and highly questionable interpretation of Atlanta — and everybody went nuts. It was far and away the most popular post of 2014, and it spawned similarly controversial maps in other U.S. cities. What this says about Atlanta is … well, let's not go there. But what fun are we, if we can't laugh at ourselves — and our heartless cartographers?

Headline: "Top 10 ATL Projects Finishing/Starting/Progressing In 2014"

This list, compiled in April, proves that Atlantans have an insatiable appetite for mega-projects — and/or arbitrary rankings.

Headline: At Long Last, This Modern O4W Fortress Hits The Market!

This four-bedroom commercial space that pokes over Freedom Parkway in the Old Fourth Ward finally went on the market for $3.5 million in April. And it brought the voyeur out in everyone! The views, as we learned, are to die for.

Headline: "Multi-Modal Terminal Vision Will Blow Your Mind"

When a dazzling video for the Georgia Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal emerged in March, it verified one longstanding criticism of Atlantans: We love to gawk at things that have no practical means of ever happening.

Headline: "'Buckhead Atlanta' Releases Death Grip On Tenant Names"

Back in May, the anticipation for Buckhead Atlanta's debut was palpable. And like a Communist wall, the ridiculous veil that had shielded tenants from their future customers was starting to fall.