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All Hail Reynoldstown, Your 2014 Curbed Cup Champion!

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The Curbed Cup 2014 tournament has come to a close, and scrappy Reynoldstown has secured bragging rights as Atlanta's glorious Neighborhood of the Year, as determined by thousands upon thousands of votes. R-town squared off in the Finals against its over-the-tracks neighbor, former Curbed Cup champion Inman Park, and then promptly gobbled up 56 percent of 3,234 votes cast. Reynoldstown can also brag about dethroning Atlanta's reigning Neighborhood of the Year, Kirkwood, en route to tremendous prestige. What's more, the pumped-up future Beltline neighborhood scored victories over East Atlanta and West End in the past couple of weeks. What's even more impressive than that? Knowing that 2014 was the first year Reynoldstown garnered enough nominations to even make the tournament. If that doesn't signal momentum, nothing does. Overall, the tournament was more civil than in recent years, and it proved once again that Atlantans take pride in their home turf. Let's all take a minute to applaud the new champion. Reynoldstown, this sacred fake trophy is all yours, for at least the next year. Congratulations.