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C-Town Abode Drops Mysterious 'Game of Thrones' Reference

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This spacious four-bedroom house near the junction of Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown adds a little mystery to its listing with a random, puzzling "Game of Thrones" reference. Per the listing agent, this is "Khal Drogo's favorite home in Atlanta, come see why!" Okay, what? For non-GOT junkies, Drogo was a "powerful warlord and feared warrior" who (surprise!) died a terrible death. What that has to do with a four-bedroom, 1940 cottage in neighborly C-town has stumped us. Could it be the Scandinavian vibe, where minimalism is paramount, from the spartan furnishings to the simplified backyard dining set-up? (Bonus points for the putting green. Did Drogo like golfing?) The sleek (if narrow) kitchen makes the most inventive use of a wine cooler we've seen in ages. (Drogo surely loved wine). The home is airy and sunny, with nearly 2,800 square feet and special perks like surround sound, Caesar stone and a relatively massive backyard. But still, the $649,900 asking price could be a tall order for Cabbagetown, when the same price can fetch a larger (albeit more traditional) pad in Poncey-Highland. (Was Drogo loaded?)

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