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Battle of Affordable Beltline Living: Adair Park vs. West End

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Let's say you're confident that the Beltline's Westside Trail is going to bring prosperity and awesomeness to historic neighborhoods west of downtown. Let's pretend you're young, too, and love the Beltline (duh), but you're over the whole condo/apartment life and are ready for a bona fide house. With a tiny budget (by today's standards) of, say, under $150,000, you've been priced way out of Eastside Trail hotbeds like the Old Fourth Ward — so westward it is! But where to, exactly? Adair Park? West End? These two recently renovated properties are both a short stroll to the eventual Westside Trail and offer plenty of starter-home potential. So call your mommy, cut the cord, get those student loans taken care of and start packing — it's time for Real Estate Deathmatch!

Adair Park Affordability

This renovated Craftsman bungalow in Adair Park is attractive on the outside and offers plenty of character inside, including hardwoods and a pair of (likely non-functioning) brick fireplaces. Plenty of outdoor space here, with a pleasant porch out front and a deck and sizable yard out back. It appears the home has a basement, though it's not pictured or mentioned in the listing.

988 Allene Ave. SW [Trulia]
Square Footage: 1,536
Price: $115,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Year Built: 1925
Perks: Just a block away from Adair Park and roughly the same distance from the eventual Westside Trail.
Potential Drawback: Listing says only one parking space and with such a low ask, even as low asks go, one would assume there must be something … interesting going on nearby. Or inside. But maybe not.

West End Walkability

Relatively boring exterior and questionable bedroom decor aside, this 1946-built and recently renovated home has lots to entice the cash-conscious buyer: a fenced-in yard, private driveway, kitchen and master bathrooms with modern-ish facelifts and his and her walk-in closets. Kroger is also right around the bend.

685 Holderness St. SW [Trulia]
Square Footage: 1,826
Price: $145,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Year Built: 1946
Perks: Stroll across White Street and a parking lot and the Westside Trail is right there (eventually) — but the West End Trail, completed way back in 2010 as the Beltline's very first project, is even closer.
Potential Drawback: School ratings? Noooot so hot.

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— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep