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Kirkwood's Celebrated 'Dragonfly House' Hits the Market

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The subject of magazine and newspaper articles, Kirkwood's so-called "Dragonfly House" has fluttered back to the market. Located a few blocks from the Kirkwood Village, and renovated down to the chimney in 2005, this cottage is a study in artful woodworking and skilled craftsmanship. Reclaimed heart-of-pine floors join more than 700 feet of Mission-style trim, made of cherry and walnut, that's rarely seen in Atlanta. That style seems to compliment the antique, leaded windows and light fixtures, and the sturdy old doors and fireplaces (social bonus: the backyard's stone fireplace). The listing agent calls this "one of Kirkwood's most talked about homes," as proven by features in Arts and Crafts Homes magazine, the AJC and the home's place in a 2010 Tour of Homes. The asking price of $424,900 is substantially more (nearly 10 percent) than the home was asking last year, but this is a dynamic market. Zillow lists the square footage as 1,488, and with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this Dragonfly might soar in terms of uniqueness, but it doesn't exactly sprawl.

· 20 Clifton St. NE [Estately]