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Back With a Vengeance: Metro Atlanta's Most Hideous Manse!

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It's going to take a real estate agent with steely ethics — or extremely poor eyesight — to show this Cobb County mansion with a straight face. Perched atop Mount WTF, this 1999 compound is the pinnacle of questionable interior decoration, and it's nearly $1 million cheaper — a $3.4 million fire sale now — than its initial listing one year ago. The revamped listing photos deemphasize the home's many obnoxious squiggles (yes, squiggles) and thunderously clashing paint schemes. But still, who's buying? A meth-frazzled Scientologist? Some sort of hippie baron? The ghost of Rick James? From the lavender gymnasium, to the Medieval wall treatments and ubiquitous, twirly wrought iron, this 8,000-square-foot misstep flamboyantly slaps good taste in the face — and then backhands it, too. But the highlights cannot be discounted: The pool grounds, for instance, would be phenomenal, if the house wasn't there, destroying the serenity with its radiant awfulness. And there's no doubt the views — capturing Kennesaw Mountain, Blackjack Mountain, Red Top Mountain, Buckhead and Atlanta skylines — are amazing, and extremely rare this side of Dahlonega. The garage fits four cars, and the kitchen is loaded with names like Gaggenau and Fisher Paykel. The masking job would not be cheap, unless a buyer comes along who really loves clouds.

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