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Midtown Modern has Rooftop Party Zone, Sweeping Views

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Anyone who's wasted time slogging northbound on The Connector has probably seen this tall and slim contemporary, perched on a hill with similar-looking houses in Home Park, facing the spires of Midtown. The listing photos suggest its chief purpose is to capture and embrace those views, as evidenced by the soaring windows, abundant balconies and rooftop party oasis. As intown moderns go, this one is a giant, with four levels, 3,563 square feet, an elevator shaft (sans elevator) and a price tag of $825,000. Overall, the look could be called "approachable modern," as it's certainly contemporary but not daringly so. The living room has what must be 12-foot walls of windows, but without pricey curtains or shade systems, the fishbowl effect could be extreme (or what exhibitionists would call "perfect.") Built in 2008, the house was initially listed for $1.2 million but sold the next year for less than half of that, according to Zillow. Some aspects (the kitchen, especially) have apparently been updated. An added bonus, seriously, is walkability to Atlantic Station and its growing slate of things worth visiting.

· 1189 Barnes St. NW [Estately]

Atlantic Station

1380 Atlantic Drive, , GA 30363 (404) 733-1221 Visit Website