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Are You New to ATL? Have Opinions? Time to Speak Up!

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We've been hearing for a while now about a supposed influx of people into the core of metro Atlanta. And now we want to hear from the supposed influx! We're calling this the New Voices Atlanta project, and the goal is to collect a chorus of observations, criticisms, praise, whatever, from people new to the ATL. This isn't age-specific; sure, millennials are moving to Atlanta in droves, but so are empty-nesters from the 'burbs. We'd love to know what all of you are thinking — and seeing at street level. Ideally, we'll hear from folks in neighborhoods across the ITP universe, from Brookhaven to College Park, from Avondale Estates to Cascade Heights and from hot zones like Midtown and the Old Fourth Ward. Our only stipulation is that you must have moved to Atlanta (or an ITP city) for the first time within the last two years or so. The statistics say there's plenty of you out there.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the City of Atlanta's population swelled by about 30,000 — or 6.6 percent — between the spring of 2010 and summer 2013. Anecdotally, in some areas, it's beginning to feel like more and more people are calling intown home (see: thickening Saturday traffic, the presence of actual pedestrians). With less than 500,000 people, Atlanta proper is a tiny sliver of metro Atlanta, and it's likely the population surge has intensified since July 2013, given the number of large-scale residential projects that have delivered since then.

So speak up, ye transplants!

We're making the New Voices Atlanta process as quick and painless as possible. If you have five minutes to answer a questionnaire with a few basic questions about yourself, please drop an email to the tipline. We'll gather all the responses and email the little surveys in the next week or so. Again, taking part is as easy as dropping an email right here. IMPORTANT: Please use the subject line, NEW VOICES ATLANTA.

Respondents can remain anonymous, though we'd prefer to use what your mama gave you. That is, your name.

Thanks for your cooperation, and welcome to the party.

— Staff