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In Morningside, Mediterranean Showstopper Asks $1.8M

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Buried in the mean streets of Morningside, this dashing Mediterranean manse would make for a great Southern-fried mafia compound, provided the gangsters appreciate custom architecture by David Fowler and nonrectangular doorways. This 5,200-square-foot sprawler wouldn't look out of place on a bag of Tuscan pasta at Publix, which is not to discredit its allure. Overall, it's an exercise in restraint, timeless class and curved archways, built in 2007 and priced now at $1.79 million. Highlights include the 16-foot, coved ceilings in the great room, the pro kitchen and mirror-laden home gym. Flirting with extremism, the arched passageways continue into the master bathroom (and shower), and several flourishes (fireplace mantels) lean a little too Romanesque. With this being Italy, though, an outdoor watering hole — beyond the Hardly di Trevi Fountain — seems like a must. And while it might be a two-minute bike ride to the back entrance of Piedmont Park, the Walk Score clocks in at a relatively dismal 46. Which is so not European.

· 813 Sherwood Road NE [Estately]