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Reader has Serious Beef with New Buckhead Townhomes

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As with many places around Atlanta, a fresh batch of townhomes has recently risen on Lenox Road. Priced from about $600,000 and called "Lenox Walk," the community of just five, three-story homes is touted as "unique," and the floorplans as "executive style." But at least one reader — we'll call him Henry — doesn't share in the enthusiasm. "The pictures do not do justice to how awful the design is," writes the incensed observer. "The fronts of these look like the backside of an awful suburban home — huge face with small windows that are not evenly distributed. It is an eyesore to drive past. Just awful in so many ways." While Henry catches his breath, let's have a closer look.

Not everyone is so critical as Henry, as at least one of these homes is under contract. One unit that hasn't been scooped up — a four-bedroom, three-and-½-bathroom stack with a finished basement — asks $600,000. That's a big number for a townhome, but includes a Viking appliance package, a large back deck and square footage (2,381) comparable to most four-bedroom standalone houses. An added perk: walking trails and a creek. The mishmash cul-de-sac area is something to behold; it serves as a car-catcher and doesn't exactly promote neighborly relations. The garage doors are pretty cool, at least. This particular listing, it should be noted, loses style points for using a random photo of Midtown from about 1999.

· 3002 Lenox Road NE #100 [Trulia]