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Snuggled up to Piedmont, Craftsman Finally Back on Market

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In 1976 the United States celebrated its Bicentennial, a local peanut farmer was elected President and the 1930s Craftsman at 1460 Monroe Drive was sold for $25,350 (just over $100,000 today with inflation). Today, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home has hit the market for the first time in almost four decades at $439,000. Abutting Piedmont Park near Ansley Mall, where the Beltline will one day exit the park on the north side, the home's location is enviable. The 1,404 square-foot home was duplex-ified somewhere along the way, with a basement unit that runs on a separate electric meter — perfect for some rental income, though from the pictures the space doesn't look all that hospitable. While upstairs there may be the need for some updating, most of the original detailing is intact, from the claw-foot tub and sinks in the bathroom to the distinctive stepped-arch openings. Sure the price has surged in the last four decades, but how many people can boast that their backyard is literally Piedmont Park? It's a quick stumble away from Orpheus Brewing, which opened last year. So now's your chance to get chummy with a brewmaster and not have to worry about crossing the street to get home.

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