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Howell Station: A Charming, Relatively Cheap Alternative

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For this month's Neighborhood Spotlight, let's turn our attention due west of the King Plow Arts Center to a tucked-away, close-knit 'nabe called Howell Station. For those unfamiliar, Howell Station is a leafy, residential oasis in a sea of light-industrial activity, hugged by Marietta Street, West Marietta Boulevard and (dubiously) the Fulton County Jail. This little grid of streets was born of blue-collar blood and strong ties to the railroad. As an added bonus from the future, Howell Station is basically across the street from Bellwood Quarry, meaning accessibility to Atlanta's largest park and the Beltline will be easy-peasy, eventually. Named for Evan P. Howell, a captain in the Confederate Infantry who later became Atlanta's mayor (1903-04), the neighborhood boasts four historical churches, a recreation park and an assortment of residential offerings, ranging stylistically from shotguns to Queen Anne cottages. Generally, move-in ready, three-bedroom houses can be had for $300,000 or far below. After the jump, we highlight one of the neighborhood's more interesting, recent listings.

While this tall, slender fellow wasn't quite finished when listed last month, we get the general idea. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and sits on a low-traffic street, an easy walk from Howell Station's park. The kitchen will have granite and stainless steel, the listing states, and the elevated back deck is just crying for springtime parties. The square footage doesn't appear to be listed anywhere online, which could indicate a violently flapping red flag. But for $265,000, a few minutes west of Midtown, you can't expect the Ritz.

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