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This $3M Mansion Takes Gaudy to Deplorable Heights

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A mansion in the St. Ives Country Club has been languishing on the market for almost three years, and a quick look at the listing gives a good idea why. The home, billed by the listing agent as "better than new," is the perfect embodiment of the saying, "There's no accounting for taste." With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, there seems no place untouched by the decorator, who clearly didn't know how to say "no." A fusion of the most ostentatious pieces of the Taj Mahal, Versailles and the Baths of Diocletian, the dizzying array of décor is, in a word, startling. Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the master bathroom/two-story garden, complete with waterfall, 24-karat gold fixtures and a spiral staircase leading to a gym. Listed in early 2012, the home finally went through a price-cut of nearly $200,000 in September, bringing it down to an affordable $2,989,900.

· 3157 Saint Ives Country Club Parkway [Zillow]