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Latest Urban Farmhouse Emerges in Ormewood, Wants $499K

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The listing agent uses an appropriate adjective — "fresh" — to describe this highly customized, four-bedroom beefcake in Ormewood Park, the latest example of a "modern farmhouse" in southeast Atlanta. Another adjective — "distinctive" — works, too, at least for now. Priced at $499,900, which sounds more reasonable than ½ million dollars, the farmhouse sits perched over the street, offering a rocking-chair porch and 2,400 square feet overall. Inside, it melds modern minimalism (sleek bathtubs and sinks) with rich, rustic touches (reclaimed beams and barn-style pocket doors) and then throws unexpected curve balls, like the ornate chandeliers that, in this context, come off more as quirky-cool than braggadocios. There's no covered parking, which means the back deck will offer commanding views of … vehicles. And despite its proximity to Glenwood Park and (eventually) the Beltline, the home logs a "car-dependent" Walk Score of just 39. We shall see if the uniqueness of this design closes the deal. Another urban farmhouse in Edgewood didn't last long on the market.

898 Ormewood Ave. [Zillow]