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In Pictures: Brookhaven's Cosmopolitan MARTA Dream

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[Images via MARTA]

MARTA has released new renderings and information about their proposed Transit Oriented Development at Brookhaven Station, and the project looks nothing short of transformative. Images show apartments, a hotel, a library, a new Brookhaven Town Hall and greenspace where 10 acres of parking currently make the station an island in a sea of asphalt. Requests for Qualifications have been issued, giving MARTA the opportunity to truly be the centerpiece in the town-center of a city, marking a radical change and evoking images of European and Australian models of development. The library, hotel and large public plaza are to front Peachtree Road, giving life to a stretch of the street currently occupied by parking and an abandoned shopping center. The plans come on the heels of other similar announcements for stations throughout the MARTA network. With income from leasing the land, and a denser rider base, MARTA just might have found a viable way forward for future developments.

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