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Brookhaven Mini-Subdivision Will Have Trees, Giant Lots

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Since its incorporation a few years ago, the City of Brookhaven has been focusing on building density along Peachtree Road. But while multi-family housing, mixed-use development and lot-filling townhomes may be the rage for most, one local developer is bucking the trend, electing to put just four single-family homes on a prime, wooded 3.5 acres near Oglethorpe University. Billed as Brookhaven Forest, the pint-sized subdivision will feature large lots for buyers to build their own homes among the trees. With one lot sold, there are still three opportunities to snag a spot. "My business partner and I, both Historic Brookhaven residents, purchased this property to keep it out of the hands of a mass grading developer looking to cram as many homes as possible on (the lot)," Melissa Bryson writes in an email to Curbed. "We put all of the utilities and the detention pond underground and salvaged historic granite curbing for use in the development. We added a granite cobblestone entrance and elegant entry wall to accent the property too. We think it is special ... for once."